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This was an authentic, fantastic , real experience. Danielle turns up to all sessions fully prepared and with the right energy. She is open to feed back and truly has her clients best in mind throughout the journey. She listened to me and all my struggles and challenges. She celebrated my wins, big and small. If you are ready to make a change in your mind set and your life, this lady can help you do it. She gives you resources and tools for life, and takes the time to do the research that will help you and your particular situation. I lost 22 lbs in 45 days. I'm on my way. Thank You DRT. Stay blessed. 

Peter Samuel, WELL 45 Client


WELL by Danielle was a life-changing experience for me that impacted all aspects of my life - work, school, family, my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health, and wellbeing. Danielle led me through my fears to get right to the root cause of my unhealthy impulse behaviors (overdoing food, work, Netflix), to understand and release the behaviors that no longer serve me. I have healthy ways to process difficult emotions, give myself my own credit, and show up for myself in self-love, honoring my body, heart, mind, and spirit. I have joy and faith in my vision for my highest self. I HIGHLY recommend WELL by Danielle to ANYONE struggling with their own wellness, whatever it is, Danielle is hands down THE BEST coach.

Jana Bent, WELL 30 & 45 Client


WELL is an awesome programme. Danielle is so motivating. She pushed me harder to be better for myself. She helped me make the connection between a healthy life and healthy choices.

Kelsey Bell, WELL 30 Client

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