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My Journey 

I lived a very overweight life for 20 years. It was hard and it seemed that it only got harder as each year passed. I felt tired a lot and of course my self-esteem was really low. More than that, I was always at the doctor for some reason or another. 

My love for sugar was paramount to my adoration of the beach which I rarely went to because I was so self conscious for so long. 

Shopping was always an emotional event as rarely could I find things that I felt good in. But yet still I was super successful in my career, as a mom and I had great friends and a few wonderful relationships...I even got married. 

But there was always something missing, always a moment before heading out where I looked at myself and second guessed going because I was probably not going to feel good physically. 


I Tried & Tried...

It’s no wonder I’m really good friends with all my doctors as I sure saw them a lot. Whether that be for what I swore was chronic fatigue, always having a cold, psoriasis of the skin, and perhaps when we speak I’ll tell you about all the hormonal issues especially in the last years. 

I would go to the gym, I’d start with a trainer, I know I’ve seen every nutritionist in my country and I definitely tried a few fad diets along the way. Some worked but inevitably I’d find my way back into the refrigerator and back up the scale.


In 2018 I was gaining weight rapidly, I was really trying in the gym but nothing seemed to stop the climb. At 5’2 I went from already overweight at 204 lbs to 222lbs and just gave up. I decided reluctantly to just focus on my career and pray that if anyone would ever fall in love with me it would be because I was smart because healthy and sexy I did not feel. 


But I Never Give Up...

Two months later I looked in the mirror and said, “Danielle you have never given up on anything so let’s try again”. I, with trepidation, visited a Bariatric surgeon who said, “I’m not sure bariatric surgery is for you but we have many many tests to do before that decision and likely in that time we will discover what’s the root of all this weight gain”. 


The Diagnosis...

Three months later and four doctors in came the diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2. I lay on my bed and cried. Not because of the diagnosis but simply because I knew I had caused that. I saw every decision I’d ever made flash before my eyes- every piece of cake, pastry and fried food. I saw not eating for a whole day being so consumed by work and then being so famished I ate anything. 


It’s Time...

My family has no real sickness or disease so I knew I’d caused this and that look in the mirror was hard. I cried (bawled really) for the whole afternoon, got back up and stared in the mirror and told myself “It ends here; it is time to be the best Danielle. You are about to turn 40 and you will step into 40 being the best version of yourself”. 


So I Did...

I called my doctor and we decided  to go ahead with a bariatric sleeve a month from then. I called a great trainer I knew and started with him the next morning. I followed everything the nutritionist said. 


100 Lbs Later...

I’ve lost just about 100lbs and whilst the surgery gave me a boost it was simply a tool. The person you're getting to know changed her mind, she spent a whole year working on becoming the best version of herself starting with changing habits, identifying her why’s and making them louder than her excuses, she moved through “not feeling like it” because she knew there was better on the other side of uncomfortable. 


My Secret Desire...

Throughout the process more than 100 people reached out to me and said HELP! So many resonated with me being honest and truthful- the good days and the less good ones, the process, the discipline and change in habits and thinking. 

So, a few months ago I decided I wanted to do more than tell my story. I wanted to help in a real way that would also change the lives of those who wanted to also experience what I was and more. I confided in my personal coach that I too wanted to coach and she grinned from ear to ear saying, “YESSSS!! Finally! I've been waiting on you to say this”.  I made the decision to apply and begin training as a Mindset Coach with a focus on Wellness and now here we are. 


I hope you’ll join me. More than knowing the journey, knowing the joys and the tears, knowing how to take you to where you determine the best version of yourself I also want this for you. I truly would like to see a healthier world and would truly like to know I could support you living a life of freedom and health. 


‘Till we speak, 



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