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My Dream For You 

I have the most amazing friends who are filled with the most magical potential, giftings and talents. Some days I find myself dreaming about them being on world stages teaching digital marketing or designing the interior of Oprah's home or transforming company cultures. Oh the dreams I have!


Well I'd like to tell you my dream for you. My dream is that you would wake up one morning and feel fully alive, fully aligned and totally joyful. You’ll jump out of bed filled with energy and a zest for life you couldn't even imagine was possible. You’ll walk past the mirror and smile at yourself proud of the work you've done and happy with what you see. You'll get dressed putting on clothes you love to wear and feel awesome stepping out into your day. Midday slumps...a thing of the past because you fire through your day with every bit of vim and vigour possible. You’re at ease with your food choices and enjoy the healthiest foods and even a treat from time to time with absolutely no guilt. Your relationships are transformed and you bring new energy and life into all your interactions.  In my dream you have more than enough vitality to be hitting new professional and personal goals with energy to spare. The occasional check up at the doctor will be a reminder that you're healthy and strong and much of what you experienced; PCOS, diabetes, fatigue, migraines are all a distant memory. 

Every once in a while you’ll catch a glimpse of yourself in your rear view mirror and surprise yourself wondering “Who is that”? And you will laugh, with joy, knowing….that’s me. 


As you sit quietly sometimes you’ll be in full gratitude for all your blessings, all you've achieved and you will allow yourself to feel proud and free, to feel health and to surrender to a new life of joy and contentment. 


It’s my dream for you...because I know what it feels like and there is truly nothing like it.

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